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Ames True Temper

Ames True Temper is a leading North American manufacturer and marketer of non-powered lawn and garden products including tools and accessories that enables them to channel manage and offer specific branding strategies for key retail customers. Our brands are among the most recognized across our primary product categories in the North American non-powered lawn and garden products marketing. Brand portfolio includes Ames, True Temper, and Ames True Temper, as well as contractor-oriented brands including Union Tools, Razor-Back, and Jackson Professional Tools.

Specific tools include:

  • Long Handle Tools
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Planters
  • Hose Reels
  • Snow Tools
  • Striking Tools
  • Decorative Accessories
  • Lawn Carts
  • Pruning Tools
  • Repair Handles
  • Garden Hoses


Bio-Circle is committed to “Making green work”. With the growing concern and legislation over health and environmental issues, businesses today are seeking new, cost-effective solutions to reduce emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other environmental toxins without compromising on the productivity of their operations.

Bio-Circle Environmental Solutions’ mission is improve worker health and safety conditions, protecting the environment by replacing VOC-emitting solvents by VOC-free products, and by reducing waste and operating costs while increasing productivity.

Esterline Defense Group

Esterline’s Defense Group is a global leader in the production of combustible ordnance and expendable countermeasures. The Group is actively involved in the development of combustible applications in support of U.S. Army transformation initiatives, new generation ammunition, advanced energetic materials and process improvements. GDMS provides executive-level business development support and planning to help ensure that the Defense Group remains up-to-date with the newest DoD budget initiatives and programs.

Specific products include:

  • 120mm and 155mm combustible cartridge cases
  • 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm mortar propellant containers
  • Combustible igniter tubes
  • Radar countermeasures chaff
  • Infrared decoy flares


For over 103 years, Haws has been committed to bringing the highest quality water delivery and emergency equipment products to a wide variety of markets. Focus areas include educational centers, recreational parks, industrial complexes, commercial properties as well as petrochemical production facilities. Haws is represented in over 80 countries and has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Singapore, Switzerland and Brazil. This dedication to global partnership ensures that Haws can meet local demands on a global scale.

You can expect the absolute highest quality products and components from Haws which consists of the following:

  • Drinking Fountains
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Hydration Station
  • Water Filtration
  • Shower & Eyewashes


Mobile-Shop® Company, LLC was formed in October of 2004 for the purpose of producing, marketing, selling and servicing its exclusive suite of products and services known as the Mobile-Shop® System. The Mobile-Shop® System presents an entirely unique solution to a real problem which exists in virtually all property maintenance operations across a multitude of industries where time is wasted daily by maintenance personnel searching for and retrieving needed tools and parts.

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand is a global diversified industrial firm providing products, services and solutions to transport and protect food and perishables, secure homes and commercial properties, and enhance industrial productivity and efficiency.

We offer various Ingersoll Rand door security products including:

  • Adaptable Electronic Lock
  • Armored Door Cord
  • Commercial Deadbolts
  • Communicate Kit for Electronic Locks
  • Cylindrical Lock
  • Door Closer
  • Electronic Lock Parts
  • Handheld Device for Electronic Locks
  • Keyswitch
  • Module for Electronic Locks
  • Mortise Lock
  • Programmable Electronic Lock
  • Push Button
  • Residential Deadbolts
  • Residential Locks
  • Software for Electronic Locks
  • Tubular Lock


QuakeHOLD! is the brand name of Ready America's earthquake products and are designed to secure valuable items during an earthquake. When an earthquake strikes, the main cause of injury or death is unsecured heavy objects toppling over. Secure important items and equipment with our state-of-the-art earthquake safety gear. Easy to install, cost effective, and the best way to ensure the safety of personnel and material in the event of an emergency.

Emergency products include:

  • Disaster Kits
  • Disaster Prep Supplies
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Safety Fasteners
  • Protection for Collectibles
  • Water Heater Straps

Ready America

Ready America, Inc.™ is the oldest and largest manufacturer of earthquake safety fasteners in the United States and Japan. Ready America’s products are designed to perform in an emergency making it easy for you to be prepared by choosing the items that are most needed in a disaster. Whether you reduce the stress of preparing by choosing a Ready America kit, or you select particular products to meet your individual need, you can trust Ready America products to deliver when it counts. Protect lives and critical equipment with Ready America products.

Products Include:

  • Disaster Kits
  • Emergency Preparedness Disaster Kits
  • Disaster Supplies
  • Pet Survival
  • Safety Fasteners
  • Protect Collectibles
  • Marine & RV
  • Water Heater Straps
  • Corp. Sales & Schools
  • Food & Water
  • First Aid & Sanitation
  • Protective Gear

Stanley Security Solutions

Stanley Security Solutions is the manufacturers for locks, keying systems, exit devices, door closers, other door hardware, and stand-alone and wireless card access systems. In addition, Stanley manufactures products primarily at our Indianapolis, IN manufacturing plant. Our complete line of products are BAA. The primary brand of product manufactured is Best Locks. Best Locks and keying systems have been used by all the branches of the military and many other Federal Agencies for over 80 years.


Our Supplier, Sexauer, founded in 1921, is a major distributor of plumbing and maintenance products, principally to commercial and institutional customers throughout the Western Hemisphere. The company stocks, assembles, packages, and distributes over 24,000 products, primarily plumbing replacement and repair parts of the major OEM’s. They also offer a large variety of other maintenance products, including tools, chemicals and electrical, HVAC and housekeeping products. This is done in order to provide our customers with a single source of supply for most of their maintenance needs.

Thumb Lock

FSI has been a leading producer of quality safety fasteners since 1991, and has over 10 million Thumb Lock fasteners installed throughout the world. All Thumb Lock fasteners and component materials are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Thumb Lock was originally designed for the U.S. Navy to secure high-tech equipment at sea. It is now used by all branches of the military for vehicle, aircraft and shipboard applications. After sea trials and rigorous performance testing, Thumb Lock was recently added for duty aboard the Trident Nuclear Sub Fleet. Thumb Lock is a system of strap and buckle fasteners designed to prevent accident and injury from falling equipment. They are strong, durable, easy to use, and very versatile for either temporary or permanent fastening applications.

Specific products include:

  • TV Grips
  • Extra Strength
  • StrapsSuper
  • GripsTool
  • Leash Kit
  • Lock Strap
  • Fasteners
  • Accessory Kits

U.S. Army Research Laboratory

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) of the U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) is the Army’s corporate, or central, laboratory. Its diverse assortment of unique facilities and dedicated workforce of government and private personnel. ARL's mission is to provide innovative science, technology, and analyses to enable full-spectrum operations.

These organizations focus on technology areas critical to strategic dominance across the entire spectrum of our operations which consists of the following:

  • Computational and Information Sciences Directorate (CISD)
  • Human research and Engineering Directorate (HRED)
  • Sensors and Electron Devices Director (SEDD)
  • Survivability and Lethality Analysis Directorate (SLAD)
  • Vehicle Technology Directorate (VTD)
  • Weapons and Materials Research Directorate (WMRD)
  • Army Research Office (ARO)

VACCO Industries

A wholly owned subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc., VACCO Industries provides advanced air, fuel, oxygen and water filters. The company also makes valves and manifolds for use in critical applications for the U.S. Navy Fleet including Virginia Class submarines and Nimitz Class aircraft carriers. In addition to assisting VACCO in market research and analysis, planning and business development, GDMS works with the company in supply chain management and compliance issues.

Primary VACCO product lines include:

  • Engineered fluid controls for satellites and launch vehicles
  • Precision photochemical etching, diffusion bonding, micro-laser machining and machine shop services
  • Fully qualified filters, manifolds, regulators and valves for bleed air, fuel, and oxygen applications
  • Valves, filters, and manifolds for quiet and non-quiet applications

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