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Galaxie Defense Marketing Services is proud to offer global delivery options and logistics support for Federal and Military facilities located abroad. Our exceptional experience enables us to supply a diverse selection of specialized products vital for missions in secluded and/or dangerous areas across the world. We provide our customers a trusted logistics system that will efficiently deliver their products to any location on the planet. Should our customers require a tiny yet crucial item or a large shipment of supplies, Galaxie has the knowledge and resources to aid you in leading successful missions.

Small Package

Galaxie will deliver your small packages to any military bases, facilities, warehouses, or any such buildings in the world using our reliable friendly carriers.

We offer:

  • FREE USPS Parcel Post (APO/FPO) worldwide freight
  • FREE standard delivery to any CONUS location
  • USPS Priority Mail (APO/FPO) (approximately 3-7 days) worldwide freight (freight charged to customer)
  • US Embassy Diplomatic Pouch shipping
  • FEDEX Collect on your government account (2-3 days, depending on location)
  • UPS International
  • DHL International

Ocean Cargo

To this day, our customers continue to rely on our ability to deliver shipments to every continent in support of the men and women who work overseas. Galaxie manages the security and delivery of our customers' orders at the closest port of departure from start to finish, anywhere in the world.

Air Cargo

In case of a delivery that weighs 300 lbs or more, possesses critical importance, or demands immediate priority, Galaxie offers expedited air cargo on a worldwide scale. As a company who strives to maintain excellence in handling emergency international deliveries for aid organizations (ex. USAID and the US Peace Corps) and sending important military equipment to the Middle East, we value our customers' need to acquire their items so that they can effectively accomplish their goals and missions on location.

Please note: GDMS also provides free shipping to military depots at Tracy, New Cumberland, Travis, Dover, Charleston, and Norfolk with TCN/TAC authorization.

Ordering methods:

  • FREE standard delivery to any CONUS location
  • Call 888-711-3427 (7:00 am to 8:30 pm, PST), fax 619-299-9955 or email
  • GSA Advantage - contracts, delivery/task orders
  • Forms DD1155, SF1449, GS300

Galaxie International Payment options:

  • Government Purchase Card (GPC)
  • Purchase Orders
  • EFT through DFAs
  • Direct pay

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