GDMS - Galaxie Defense Marketing Services

GDMS sells client products directly to manufacturers in the Southwestern U.S. and, nationwide, to the federal government and defense supply centers. We help clients throughout the sales process, from identifying opportunities to after-market sales.

Here’s how we work:

  • Meet with customers to review product lines and target markets
  • Investigate current and planned OEM and government programs
  • Monitor and analyze defense budgets… from presidential submission to house and senate mark-ups, subsequent conferences and final authorization
  • Analyze competitors
  • Make marketing and sales recommendations to customers based on input from our defense industry experts
  • Forecast future DoD requirements related to a product line.

To foster aftermarket sales, GDMS provides training and support in the generation of Military Shipment Labels (MSL) with Verified RFID Tags with Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) transfer to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). GDMS can establish automated receipt processing to expedite payment and eliminate invoice resubmissions through wide area workflow.

GDMS will also maintain GSA schedules that facilitate procurement of hardware specialties, cleaning supplies and office equipment/supplies.


Manufacturers Representation

Business Development

GSA Proposals & Contracts

Our Contacts

Galaxie Defense Marketing Services
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